How I stay sane as a college student during quarantine

Donal Hutchinson
4 min readDec 26, 2020

First time writing any form of article but that is something that living during this pandemic has done. For a lot of young people it has been a time of opportunity in a time surrounded by fear and pain. These are some of the things that I as a young person studying in Cork, Ireland have learned.

Organizing your own headspace

Planning is Key

When the lockdown in Ireland begun in April, everyone had to adjust. For young people [in my opinion] this was easier. Moving back from the city I was able to see the struggles that older generations had to deal with, being without their daily pint or two or without their early morning meetup for teas and coffees.

One of the reasons why I was able to handle the transition was the strategy that I had. First, I had to understand what it would mean for the end of my college year and how they were going to have to try new things to accommodated these extenuating circumstances. Secondly was how I was going to handle the lack of physical social interactions.

To handle both of these things a change in course was key.

Having my bedroom now functioning as an office, differentiating between work time at my desk and relaxation time at my desk was what keep everything running as smooth as possible. This mindset was something started at the end…



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